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The choice to raise a puppy is quite a commitment! It can certainly be such a very rewarding experience. Preparing for your new puppy properly is the first step in a satisfying relationship.


Our doodle puppies are low to no shed. They do require maintenance to keep their soft coat beautiful and tangle free. Simply brushing them once or more a week as puppies is usually all that is required. Depending on coat type, and clip length, as adults they need to be brushed on a regular basis (or kept clipped short for less need of brushing.) They require bathing and grooming, as they don't shed like a hair type dog. 


Young ones are often very sensitive, and every experience is shaping their world for better or worse. There are many different ways to approach the exact details of raising your new puppy. If you do not already have experience or a plan, I cannot suggest strongly enough seeking out help before your puppy arrives.


Let us all strive to keep the Australian Labradoodle breed out of shelters and in loving homes by raising awareness about the importance of proper training. 

Our puppies are raised with careful consideration and respect for each phase of their development preparing them for you to take the next steps in their training and socialization. 

I recommend checking out the Baxter and Bella online training course, for professional training help with your new puppy.   Check out page TRAINING COURSE under my DOODLE PUPPY CARE tab at the top of this page. If you have another training method that gets desired results, do what works for you!

I have compiled a list for of what I suggest having for your new puppy when he/she comes home.

-DOG FOOD-  I use Diamond Naturals Lamb and Rice. My puppies are on the large breed puppy. I send home a small bag of food in case you decide to transition to something else. it needs to be mixed and gradually changed.

-CRATE- I really like the metal wire crate. They will be used to sleeping one at night, before going home. I also recommend a baby fence or metal wire dog surround to help keep puppy in a small area for potty training, and a safe place in a busy home.

-SHAMPOO- My favorite is Earthbath puppy. It is gentle and safe for eyes.

-Brush- Chris Christensen brand grooming brushes are absolutely the best! The coral slicker brush and their oval pin brush really make brushing a pleasant experience with the desired results without hurting the dog.  I have never regretted the expense of purchasing them and have thrown so many cheaper versions in the trash.

I send puppies home with a bag of treats, dog food, blanket that smells like momma, snuggle puppy and a few other items. Each pup will have its own collar and leash.



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