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Living in the heart of the Bitteroot Valley of Western Montana, we enjoy raising  medium  and miniature Australian Labradoodles . We are a small scale breeder and able to enjoy our dogs as individual pets, and they are integrated into every aspect of our daily activities.

Our dogs have all proven family friendly to all ages and stages.


Our goal is to breed only sound genetics , conformation, and balanced temperaments.


We have genetic testing done on our parent dogs, and have hips  pennhip  or ofa'd , and eyes checked.  We  strive for the best health of our dogs and their future generations.


Our puppies are raised in a doodle friendly atmosphere. They are exposed to many stimuli from day one. Regularly accustomed to the processes of grooming to give them a foundation of confidence . Born and raised around adults, children and other pets, the wee ones are prepared for their next phase of life. Our puppies are all crate trained before leaving  us to begin a new life . They are familiar with a doggy door and are kept in a very clean environment . 


Unreal amounts of time, energy and love are poured into our  dogs. 

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