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  This delightful breed is such a joy , it is no wonder it has gained so much popularity, taking the  very best from all it's heritage and presenting such an amazing four-legged friend! However, just like any long established breed, temperament and health are of utmost importance. You can see poor and great specimens in any breed... it is imperative that quality breeding bloodlines are used!


Why Australian Labradoodle?

The modern Australian Labradoodle (ALD) is traced back to three breeds, the cocker spaniel, poodle and Labrador retriever. They are multi-generational and have consistent breed trait results. They have a low to non-shedding coat, and should have a very even temperament and good health.  They are energetic and easy to train. They love their people and are often used in therapy work. Another factor that makes them an exceptional house guest is their lack of "doggy" odor.


The ALD does require grooming and coat care. Different coat types require varying amounts of care. 

Is this the dog for you? We encourage you to research and really educate yourself as to which breed is best for your situation and lifestyle. With stable mental bloodlines and  proper upbringing and continued bonding and training the Australian Labradoodle is amazingly adaptable and really blooms where it is planted.

Check out the breed clubs for lots of great information on the Australian Labradoodle .

-Australian Labradoodle Association of America


-Worldwide Australian Labradoodle Association


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