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Living Streams Sophie-Marie

    Sophie-Marie is 39 pounds and is an extremely  agile and athletic dog.  Well built  and well mannered, she is always happy! She is most content doing whatever I am doing. Her coat is a very soft, wavy fleece type.

You can check her genetic health and color testing at Pawprints Genetics ( click on the link below)











Maid in montana Daffodilly

"Dilly" is a Double Doodle . Her mother is an Australian Labradoodle and her father is a Goldendoodle. Incredibly clowny, totally unrestistable. She weighs 35 pounds.

Fairytale Lane Bugs' LIfe

              (aka) Winter

This wee little girl is such a sweet heart!  She weighs 15 pounds. Her coat is so soft and she almost would pass for a large cotton ball! She has gotten her OFA  prelims and so far she is looking great.  She has lots of color in her genetics. 

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