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                                           WAITLIST  DETAILS


To be placed on the waiting list:

-Please tell me about what you want most from your new puppy.


-What is your preference of color, size, or any particular needs. Is there a coat type you are needing or wanting?

-Do you have a gender preference in a pup?


-Tell me a bit about your experience level with dogs. If you have or have had dogs, what breeds were they? What did you love most about your past/current dog?

-What is your preferred personality in a dog? (Assertive,Confident,Reserved) If you are unsure we will be able to discuss what will fit your lifestyle and personality best. 


-Are there children in the home and roughly their ages.

-What is your lifestyle best described as:

(Very active, Mildly active, Rarely active)

Although we may have an idea of which one you are interested in, choices cannot be completely made until around 7 weeks when temperament testing is finished. We want a best possible fit for everyone!

Most puppies can go home at 8 -9 weeks of age; however, I am happy to hold some until 12 weeks to help through a very crucial developmental period. This is case by case depending on the situation and temperament of the puppy.   





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